Sunday, January 13, 2013

Running from an Angel

On Saturday I ran Running from an Angel with a couple of friends. I decided to run with Julie, who is new to running, to help keep her motivated and I think we both needed it realizing how cold it was. Vegas has been having frost warnings and Saturday morning was no different, it was in the low 30s with a slight wind. The course was an out and back and had a couple of tough hills but they were really fun to run back down. My roommate Alex was also running the 5k and had plans to finish in under 20mins (I know he is crazy). Unfortunately, his body didn't agree with his plans and he started getting cramps after the first mile. Julie and I caught up with him around mile 2.5 and walked the rest of the way until the finish line where we booked it. I loved running with Julie, it was nice to keep her motivated to keep going and it was humbling knowing that I had been in her shoes once.

 We were also surprised with a pancake finish at the end. I love to have pancakes after racing, it makes them taste so much more delicious.

I look forward to running their sister race, Running with the Devil in June.

Have you have ran with a friend?


  1. Good job! I am definitely NOT a runner, so I really admire people who can brave the elements and run a 5k!!

    1. Aww thank you, I am trying to train for a half marathon.