Sunday, January 6, 2013

Paying it forward

Last night Ryan and I went to dinner at our favorite hibachi grill. I love hibachi, I wish there was a little bit more fire but our cook was super awesome. My favorite part is when stack the onions and make a volcano and then turn it into a train.

A gentleman joined us and he was making small talk we found out he is severely allergic to onions. Due to his allergy they had to cook his food first and separately. He didn't eat until we received our food and when it came to paying the bill the server informed us that he picked up the whole table's bill. Crazy right? We were all shocked and felt a little strange, it was the first time a complete stranger did something so generous. It was completely unnecessary and so unexpected.

I will be paying it forward to someone soon!

Have you ever been given something from a stranger?

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