Monday, December 19, 2011


I have a frenemy, and its name is running. To say I love running would be a lie. I love that it keeps me moving, tones my body, and the feeling when I am done, but the actual running itself sucks. I hate being out of breathe and the occasional pain it causes when I push myself too hard.  I just recently started running when someone in my work was recruiting for a race called Ragnar that would be in October 2011. Check out the video if you haven't heard of Ragnar its pretty amazing. I am still going through withdraws.

Keep in mind that was my first race. My next race was a 5k, then I did a 1/2 marathon. Yeah I am a bit crazy I know, but I am going back and going to start training the right way. My goal is to do a race each month just so I can keep running so I can be better prepared for the Ragnar and other 1/2 marathons and who knows maybe build up to a marathon.