Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Music Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!!! I went for a mile run today and there was no pain! I am super excited and even though harder than I thought (especially the breathing partially because my allergies are still kicking my butt) I was able to do it.

Today's music selection is from Tegan and Sara. They have a new album and will be going on tour soon with Fun. I have to admit when I was younger I had fashion mullet like they did back in 2007, thank goodness there are no pictures.



  1. I love Tegan & Sara! I haven't heard any of the new stuff so I'm excited to check it out. Also, way to go on the mile!! It's been awhile since I've ran a mile, maybe I should try it soon. :)

    1. I am really excited to hear all of their new album.