Sunday, February 10, 2013

Imagine Dragons

O-M-G My sister-in-law and I went to see Imagine Dragons last night and the concert was amazing. I didn't go in expecting much but I seriously fell in love with them. Performances like that seriously make fall in love and remind me why I love love love concerts. We missed the opening band because we couldn't find parking but we did catch Atlas Genius and they were pretty good. Imagine Dragons were phenomal, it was a sold out concert and they sounded better in concert than on their CD which is odd. You could tell they were really pumped to be back in their home town and the said their song It's Time is about Vegas. Since they were in their home town they decided to film for their new video Demons which is super exciting. I can check being in a music video off bucket list now.

I took some video from last night and even though we were really far back the sound was still pretty good. 

Its Time

Radio Active

Glow stick balloons

He was swinging!!!! Yes it was amazing!!! If you get the chance to see them please do!